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We should all have one, and here's ours - FREE software for you to try!

ColourSoft is designed for those who want to create colours in RGB, HEX and HTML formats. Grab colours from the screen or an application and save them to your personal swatch.  You can also enter the RGB, HEX and HTML values and have ColourSoft convert them instantly to the other formats.  To start you off, we have created a swatch with more than 40 web safe colours.


ColourSoft colour design screen

Design your own colours, grab colours from the desktop or an application - it's all possible with ColourSoft.

Why ColourSoft?

  • It's FREE!
  • 1,922 Users world wide can't be wrong!
  • Flexibility, Features and yes, it's FREE!


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ColourSoft Installer (251KB) HSW50201 FREE! Download

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