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DFE (Data File Engineer)

This is a utility tool used by our friends at The Business Prophets to manage data files pre and post data warehouse operations.  DFE will take extremely large data files, such as delimited text files, DAT files or similar and neatly cut them into byte-size chunks for manipulating over FTP/LAN networks.  Once at their destination, DFE will sew them back together as quickly as it spans them.

With an option for command line processing, this utility can quite easily be used with SQL Serverô to join data files together ready for import, as part of a DTS package.  With optional scheduling, DFE can relieve some of the issues for such applications as Business Intelligence installations where daily import routines are necessary, after branch polling etc.

Customer Example:

Branch polled data used by one of our customers is a 635Mb, 7,935,943 line CSV file.  This is split into 76 files (chosen in the application by requesting an output file size of 8Mb) in an amazing 43 seconds!  To join those 76 files back together, ready to import into a SQL 2005 warehouse takes just 41 seconds!  All on a two year old Dell desktop!

Why DFE?

  • Exceptionally large file management utility.
  • Intuitive front end design.
  • Very useful command line options for autonomous file engineering, pre-warehouse loading.
  • Executable is only 300kb! 
  • View the input files' main attributes.
  • Realistic pricing.


* An annual updates and support fee may be payable
LocateSoft Licensing Options Product Id Price
Single User HSW70701 £29.99
SME  (Less than 500 Users)* HSW70702 £29.99
Corporate (500 Users or more)* HSW70703 £129.99

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