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Microsoft Office Excel Add-Ins

The Add-ins for excel can extend and enhance your productivity in a number of ways.  We, ourselves, have written many in-house AI's to help with day to day procedural work.  Others we have written for clients stretching from England to New Zealand. Pop Me There!

We will add some of our add-ins to this page area, so bookmark this page now and visit us again soon.  These add-ins will be free, subject to registration (see our privacy policy for any concerns for your personal data).

As well as add-ins, we will endeavour to share as many of our User Defined Functions (UDF's) with you as possible.  These too, will appear on this page.  Great, Where Do I Go?

Finally, and not least, we have our own XLent Toolbar.  This is an amalgamation of the most often used and useful operations from our own office over the past few years.





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