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IconSoft is a simple to use application that helps you to create Windows™Icons. You can design them, pixel by pixel, from scratch or grab a section of an image or photo you have and start from there. The choice is yours. You can also create all sorts of exciting effects, from Earthquake to Pixilation. Build up multiple files to created animated cursors - it's all here. With IconSoft, you can also grab Icons from other files, such as EXE's and DLL's - be careful with copyright when re-using these images!


Import From File

IconSoft at work - here we are extracting an icon from a file to transform and save.


Why IconSoft?

  • Create custom icons for applications, documents, folders and much more!
  • Import a picture and create an icon.
  • Create animated cursors.
  • Import icons from applications, DLL's, OCX's and more.
  • Create exciting visual effects.
  • Pro-styling.


IconSoft Licensing Options Product Id Price
Single User HSW10509 £19.99
SME  (Less than 500 Users)* HSW10510 £19.99
Corporate (500 Users or more)* HSW10511 £99.99

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