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PROPHETModel was designed for our lazy friends over in our Business Intelligence Consultancy, The Business Prophets™.  Essentially, this is a tool which will document a Cognos model (MDL or PYI) to give the following documentation:

  • Sign On's
  • The Model's Physical Properties.
  • Data Sources
  • Dimensions.
  • Cube(s)
  • Views (all types)
  • Measures


To give you an idea of the in depth capabilities of PROPHETModel, please click here for an example of its output based on the sample cube Great Outdoors (Admin).  The file is, as is the case with the saved documentation from PROPHETModel, in RTF format.  The file is 17.4 Kb in size.


Further Information

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Description Product No. Price
Single User License HSW10777 £1,599.99
SME HSW10778 £1,599.99
Corporate HSW10779 £15,999.99

We advocate the pricing of software for small and medium size enterprises, being one ourselves, thus you will note the cost is the same as that to an individual.  Our way of helping those of us where size doesn't matter!

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