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PROPHETReport® is another product designed for use in-house, by our friends in The Business Prophets™, which we are now offering for our customers.  PROPHETReport® will investigate and document all properties of a Cognos Impromptu Report (IMR) including:

  • Root Catalog.Screen shot of The Examiner
  • Location of Catalog.
  • Catalog Version and properties.
  • Report Title.
  • Query Items.
  • SQL calling statement.
  • Meta Data Items.
  • Run time (visible and invisible).
  • Repetition run times.
  • IMR physical attributes.
  • 3 different output formats.
  • and more . . .


To give you an idea of the minutiae capabilities of PROPHETReport®, please click here for an example of its output based on the sample report, Annual_Product_Sales.imr.  The file is, as is the case with the saved documentation from PROPHETReport®, in CSV format.  The file is 4.87 Kb in size.


Further Information:

Please contact our software development team by clicking the button below.  Thank you.


Let's Get Technical:

Question Answer

What or How?

Runtime dependencies? VB6 runtime DLL's Download
Cognos Impromptu Versions? To ReportNet Versions 5.x, 6.x and 7.x
EXE Size? 404 Kb Maximum Install Size
Current Version?  
Data Extraction Method? DCOM Direct References transaut.tlb
M Memory Footprint? 36,020 Kb (running) 9,496 Kb (idle) Average over 100 reports
Windows Registry? Read Only Location of ImpAdmin.exe


Description Product No. Price
Single User License HSW10964 £1,599.99
SME HSW10965 £1,599.99
Corporate HSW10966 £15,999.99

We advocate the pricing of software for small and medium size enterprises, being one ourselves, thus you will note the cost is the same as that to an individual.  Our way of helping those of us where size doesn't matter!

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