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From customer feedback some years ago, one positive comment was the fact that whilst they were totally satisfied with the solution, it had presented problems in one other area.  This issue had led to our customer expending much needed budget recruiting a junior to manually run the 2,000 or so reports each month to meet the demands of the business!  The feedback was in the form of a question - "Can Haresoftware help me resolve this issue in a controlled and professional manner, as they have done with the rest of my solution?"

We had, in the past, used the excellent Cognos Script and Visual Basic to automate reporting from such solutions.  This time, we wanted to develop a robust, self maintaining software solution to meet the needs of this client and also those of future customers.  The Cognos Automation Software Suite was the result.

Developed in Visual Basic by our developers, ReportSoft was the answer.

In essence, we introduced a fully documented process, methodology and software solution to meet these needs and restore our customers budget to where it was before our solution was introduced.

The solution installed at Michelin's ATS Euromaster operations within the UK runs in excess of 2,500 Cognos reports per month, with almost zero maintenance.  At the peak of operations during their month end, ReportSoft generates in excess of 750 reports per day, delivering business critical reports to end users some 5 days ahead of their previous solution.  Managers and financial personnel now have reports within 1 working day of the completion of month end figures being received by the business.


  • ReportSoft is also self maintaining.  If a report stored within the system has not been used for a pre determined period, the report is archived and removed from the active reports list.  A self generating list of most frequently used reports, archived reports and new/updated reports is sent to the ReportSoft administrator for audit purposes and action.
  • Ad-hoc reports can be added to the system and then re-run at Users requests. 
  • ReportSoft, by way of its design is also useful for your Cognos Administrators to manage disk space quotas and audit trails.  It produces reports showing the locations, sizes, and possible duplicates of all reports in the business, wherever they are held.  Sweeps are carried out during idle times and the results stored within its own database.
  • With increasing pressures on companies to batten down the hatches in terms of security, ReportSoft holds Consumer roles for the business.  ReportSoft determines which Consumers have access to which reports, the Consumers priority codes for report execution, and Consumer usage statistics.  These statistics, where requested, can then be sent to Managers for review and prioritisation codes altered accordingly.


  • High speed delivery of reports to the business.
  • Dynamic Report management.
  • Cost savings.
  • Audit and management benefits.

For more information or a demonstration, please contact one our Business Intelligence Guides

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