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HToolbar for Microsoft Excel™

We wanted to create a toolbar for Microsoft Excel, that would add some of the often requested features to an already content rich spreadsheet application.  So we did just that.

HToolbar gives you eight additional wizards to increase your productivity and speed up your analysis time.

So, What Does It Do?

Quite a lot, actually!  There are eight key components to the bar:

The Spreadsheet Import Wizard just does that, importing User selected worksheets or sheet into the current workbook at a position specified by you, with step by step instructions.

This is the Snapshot tool.  Highlight a range, click this button on the toolbar, and the range is exported for you as a bit map.  We find it ideal for training, explaining and mailing.

Brilliant!  Select a range, click this button and the range is exported as a delimited text file of your choice and location! Now how useful is that? Very!

Huge data file?  Want to see dependant fields, variables etc?  This button will create a hierarchical treeview based on the highlighted range of data, be it a sample or the whole sheet. Again, you can export this to another workbook or worksheet for further analysis.

Your fifth tool is the text file import wizard.  Find the file to import, select the delimiter for the file and in it comes! Also has the advanced functionality of guessing the delimiter if you are not too sure - very useful!

The Calendar tool is a useful addition to the bar, either following you around the sheet or staying in a fixed position, for date input and verification.

A popular addition to the toolbar has been the UK Postcode verification tool.  Simply click a cell with a postcode, however it is formatted or spaced, and the tool will resample and creates a useable and correctly formatted postcode.

Have you tried importing a delimited text file and been frustrated by the message from Excel dictating there is not enough room on the sheet for all data?  So have we!  Not any more though.  With a huge amount of help from Chip Pearson, and a little tweaking, this wizard will import extremely large text files and spread the data over as many sheets as is necessary to import the full file.  Such a very useful Wizard!

In addition to this toolbar, we have incorporated, for free, some new worksheet functions which you can call from the Functions wizard too.  These Include:

  • BEFOREVAT(cell) - This function will calculate the pre-VAT value of cell.
  • VATELEMENT(cell) - This function will calculate the VAT element of a Gross amount, cell.
  • COMPANYYEAR(DateInThisPeriod As Date, ThisPeriod As Integer) - It is sometimes necessary to calculate a company's financial year, given a date (DateInThisPeriod) and its corresponding fiscal period (ThisPeriod).  The result is the starting month of the financial year.
  • SPLITCELL(InputString As String, sChar As String, nItem As Integer) - The most widely used function for Excel that we have developed to date is a methos of extracting an item within a string.  For Example, cell A1 contains the text 'The Business Prophets.  To extract the word "Business", the function would read as follows:  =SPLITCELL(A1, " ", 2).  This can be used for a variety of extraction techniques for analysis.
  • ISWORKDAY(Optional dteDate As Date) - This function will determine whether a given date is a workday or not.  If it is, the return value is the day of the week dteDate fell on.

The toolbar is compatible with Microsoft Excel from version 2000 upwards.  It is compact, lightweight and easy to install.  The toolbar is fully floating or dockable.


Description Product No. Price
Single User License HSW10534 £9.99
SME HSW10535 £9.99
Corporate HSW10536 £99.99

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