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So you want to know how to create a three dimensional lookup on a worksheet? Pivot Table Problems? UDF's don't work as they should? Where do you get help and advice or plain English answers? On this page, of course!

There are several excellent sites out there with forums where you can get advice from Excel MVP's, professional users and Newbie's of Excel. Some offer standard tips and code snippets. Haresoftware uses these sites too, as moderators and users alike.

XLent Advice is a tips by mail service which crawls the web, books and brains for the best tips - then delivers them to you in a consistent format for using time and time again. Simply complete your details below and you can be a part of this increasingly popular knowledge sharing scheme. You can unsubscribe and subscribe as and when you want for free*.

Worked out how to resolve a function issue with Excel?  Maybe you have written a UDF or macro that you feel you want to share with other knowledge Share members? Drop us a mail and we will format the tips for you for free and distribute it for you, all credit acknowledged.

Subscribe to XLent Advice now!

* Tips are charged at the rate of 1 per MONTH, regardless of business size.

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